Do you remember the time when you were just little kids, playing with your Legos? Do you remember that exciting feeling when you built something entirely on your own? The emotions when you discover something new are truly priceless. We are the students of Grammar school Vič in Ljubljana, a group of young enthusiasts who are not afraid to use our never-ending love for science.

We dedicate our free time to the Calypso Project with the goal to build our own research submarine. Everything began two years ago with the making of a space probe which we sent to the very edge of space to gather data in the stratosphere.

The unusual behaviour of students spending their afternoons and weekends in the school workshop was caused by our Physics teacher Rok Capuder, and other science teachers, who excite us and lead us through the project Vič goes to Space.

We achieved the height of 32 km, with our probe, and now our mission lies in the depths of the sea. This is the reason for the building of a submarine.

We, the students, are managing the Calypso Project on our own: we are looking for companies and individuals who can help us with their knowledge and resources. There are 40 students working on the project, divided into groups, each dealing with a different main submarine component.

After 3 years of development, we finished Calypso and completed our first official launch in May 2015. But our research doesn’t stop here. Now that Calypso is finished, we intend to upgrade it and continue to use it to explore the depths of the Adriatic sea.

Our story also continues with the establishment of Institute 404 - a youth technology center, which encourages creativity and the use of technology amongst young people.